Product Questions

1. What are Dog-O's Cheesy Chompers?

Dog-O's Cheesy Chompers are a crunchy, cheese treat for dogs. Our treats are grain and gluten free. They have no artificial colors or flavors. They are handmade using a single ingredient... our farm fresh cheese!

2. How long will Dog-O's Cheesy Chompers last?

This depends on the dog, but it should last longer than a traditionally baked biscuit treat. Some dogs will chew it up in a minute or so. Other dogs will make it last a few minutes and savor each crunchy bite!

3. Do Dog-O's Cheesy Chompers expire?

All packages should be kept sealed and it's best to avoid extreme hot or cold temperatures. Cheesy Chompers are an all-natural treat with no added preservatives

4. Is cheese good for dogs?

Yes! Our premium cheese offers several health benefits to your pup and you can learn more about them right here.

5. Can I give Dog-O's Cheesy Chompers to my puppy?

Yes, but as with all treats, always monitor your dog of any age while they're eating their treat. Also make sure fresh water is available.

6. Are Dog-O's Cheesy Chompers digestible?

All of our products are made from the same artisan cheese we sell from our family farm, the Marcoot Jersey Creamery. They are all-natural and easily digestible.

Farm Questions

1. What do we feed our cows?

We are a pasture-based herd. The cow’s diet is 90% grass! Our cows have the ability to graze all day.  Most of their grazing is in the early morning before the sun rises.

2. Do our cows receive rBST hormones?

No. We do not give our cows rBST hormones.

3. How do you milk your cows?

Our have access to milk 24/7. We have automatic robotic milkers to milk our cows. It is a free choice system. Take a look!

Shipping Questions

1. How long will it take me to get my order?

We use FedEx or UPS to ship products. Many shipments arrive within 2-5 business days, though we do not, and cannot, guarantee a specific delivery date due to variations in FedEx and UPS service levels around the country. The delivery date is an estimate, it is provided exclusively by FedEx or UPS, not, and we do not offer any warranty as to its accuracy.

2. What are the shipping costs?

Shipping is FREE for orders over $25! Orders under $24.99 require an $11 shipping fee.

3. Can I track my order?

Yes! You will receive a confirmation when your order is placed. You will receive a follow up email once the order is shipped with a tracking number from FedEx or UPS.