Meet Tiny

Meet Tiny

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When you visit the farm, you'll often be greeted by our beloved Tiny. She showed up at the farm on a cold winter day in early 2010. Our mom, Linda, heard something scratching and whimpering at the front door. When she went to see what it was, she found a cold, little puppy in need of some compassion and care.

She was brought into the house and our young 4 year-old niece and 2 year-old nephew said “Aw, she is so tiny and so precious.” Amy was home for a visit at that time and picked her up with a blanket to warm the pup. We didn’t know how old or where she came from. Amy took her to the vet for a check up. The vet verified that the pup was just about 8 weeks old. Amy brought her home for good! 

When her name was being discussed, the children said “well, her name is Tiny Precious”(in a sassy tone), per the pups' welcoming conversation into the house earlier. So the new pup had two names Tiny Precious. However, the adults quickly dropped the Precious, not because we aren’t Lord of the Rings fans, but Precious isn’t a name for a farm dog! 

Tiny has always been a playful and friendly dog. Her character is also very loyal. As a farm dog, she always lets us know when the rhythm of the farm is off.  Maybe it was a car pulling up to the farm that she wasn’t expecting, or a cow escaping their pen, or generously helping move the cattle back in their pen, and also greeting our visitors with a tag wag.

She would do anything for a belly rub and Ritz cracker. 

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